Promo Codes

Promotional codes are discounts for collections or sets of items and work under the following conditions.

  1. Promotional codes always affect one or more articles on which a discount applies and are aimed at specific segments of customers or users.
  2. These discounts affect only the items included in each promotion.
  3. Each promotional code has a certain validity during some dates and will be valid until said date or end of stock.
  4. There may be several valid promotional codes for the same day, however they will not be cumulative and therefore each sale may only apply a promotional code.
  5. In case of coinciding an article included in a promotional code and that this same item has a discount, the highest discount will always be applied, thus offering the most economical option for the client.
  6. To benefit from several different promotional codes, the items affected by the different codes must be separated into different sales.
  7. The promotional codes will be published in different forms in the written press, radio, television and social networks depending on the target customer to which the campaigns are directed.
  8. Any customer who has a promotional code may apply before completing the purchase process simply by informing the promotional code or accessing through specific urls published in different media.
  9. It will be the responsibility of the user to inform the promotional code or access through these urls to apply the discount, waiving this to any claim in case of finalizing a purchase of promotional items during the effective dates of any campaign without having informed the promotional code and Therefore, the discount does not apply.

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